#NewSpecies • ซิวเพชรน้อย 'สุราษฎร์' new Boraras from peninsular Thailand [zootaxa 'open access']


Boraras naevus, new species, is described from peninsular Thailand. It is distinguished from other congeners by features of its sexually dimorphic colour pattern, principal caudal-fin, pelvic-fin and branched dorsal-fin ray counts, lateral scale row counts, and a number of osteological features.

Key words: Cypriniformes, Danioninae, Taxonomy, Southeast Asia

Conway, K.W. and Kottelat, M. 2011. Boraras naevus, a new species of miniature and sexually dichromatic freshwater fish from peninsular Thailand (Ostariophysi: Cyprinidae). Zootaxa. 3002: 45–51.


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